Black Sheep was born out of desire to do things differently. To make cycling apparel that reflected who we were as people. To celebrate the sport we loved. And unite the community that surrounded it.

From humble beginnings, we’ve come a long way.

Co-founded by former pro athlete John Polson in 2014 on the smell of an oily rag. We’ve swapped a shared office space on the Gold Coast for a Flagship Store called The Woolshed in Brisbane, which includes a thriving café and creative working environment.

Two people became 12. And counting. Four garment releases a year became 24. Our community continues to grow. Worldwide.

But what we stand and strive for hasn’t altered. Our mission is to inspire our community and be innovative with what they wear. We are dedicated to being different. But united for the sport we love. And have a bloody blast doing it. Because, let’s be honest, a sense of freedom and fun is why we started cycling in the first place.


Dedicated to Making A Difference.

Doing more than just cycling apparel has been with us since the start. It’s a drive that gives us the panache to throw flash parties and be a bit off the wall. But it’s also a dedication that helps bring to light issues that are important to us. They aren’t the only issues worthy, and we would love to do more.

But we are dedicated to making a difference in the areas of Men’s Mental Illness – our Man Ride cause has been at the core of our brand since 2016. And also getting and keeping women involved with cycling, through our WMN Initiative. This is the stuff that gets us outta bed in the morning (when we're not riding!). Producing cycling apparel is just an added bonus.


Our People.

We are a team that lives and breathes our craft. So if we’re not slaving over innovation, we’re probably out riding our bikes. Or running. We sometimes do that too. We also love telling good stories. And have unrivalled textile and raw material experience as well as years of manufacturing and pattern making know-how.

We are a small(ish) and passionate crew, devoted to a continual pursuit of being different and making a difference.

Community, too, is at the core of our business. Without you, there is no us. To Be A Black Sheep now resonates across continents – we, literally, ride the world. We are also genuinely fortunate to have a flock of individuals from all corners of the globe who truly represent what it means to Be A Black Sheep. Like you, they are family.