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We Got Game: Bring Ya Game Women's Kit


Bring Ya Game – Multi-Coloured Women’s Kit

The surprise package of We Got Game. The use of three primary colours to win the day and a jersey that pays homage to the 1980s French team La Vie Claire. As the story goes, a Parisian designer was commissioned to design the team’s kit. But the All Blacks-inspired outfits were deemed a no, no by the team’s big stars – Bernard Hinault, Greg LeMond and Andrew Hampsten. A design intern suggested using a Mondrian’s 1928 ‘Composition en rouge, jaune etbleu’. They did. And we did. It remains a winning combination.

We Got Game

We Got Game is a battle of the bike kits. A return to distinct personalities and vibrant styles. A play-off between primary colours, heralding a bold new era. Have You Got Game? And which team kit will you root for? We Got Game isn't about winning races at your local crit track. It’s about embracing your competitive spirit by expressing your creativity and putting it all on one colour.



  • 130 gsm, 30% lycra, 70% poly, warp-knit fabric
  • Milled in Italy with incredible hand feel
  • Moulded shoulders
  • Three rear-pockets
  • Raglan Sleeve Construction
  • Pro Fit
  • Cold wash only


  • 240 gsm warp-knit fabric
  • Pre-dyed
  • Italian Milled
  • Contrast graphic detail
  • Compressive fit Elastic cuff with BSC silicone gripper
  • BSC High Density Chamois

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