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Founded in 2011, Specialized Women’s Racing is the longest standing women’s Australian National Road Series team and one of its most successful.

Twenty-twenty marks Black Sheep’s third season of support for the team. A commitment that continues to grow year on year.

A non-profit women’s cycling founded and managed by Elizabeth Phillipou, the team's principal is on point with our philosophy on female sport. Beyond just flogging themselves racing, the team’s primary objective is to raise the profile and professionalism of women's cycling and inspire more women to ride bikes. SWR, with the help of primary sponsors Specialized and Black Sheep, is also determined to provide a pathway for up and coming female cyclists to progress into the professional ranks while ensuring the team's core values of Attitude; Integrity; Communication and Trust are upheld.

Diversity rules.

SWR brings a diverse group of athletes to the National Road Series. From road to track; mountain biking to world champions. Each of them women brings a wealth of diverse experiences, knowledge and skills to the team. And they’re encouraged to share it so they can learn from each other and grow as a team.


Providing a pathway through cycling.

The WMN Initiative is a program that focuses on providing a pathway through cycling – both aiming to increase female participation, and provide elite, domestic female cyclists opportunities domestically and internationally.