From our design and development in Australia, to our production in Europe and East Asia, to your home in every corner of the world. We love what we do and how we do it. Let us take you behind the scenes.


Location Matters.

We predominately utilise fabric mills from Italy and Taiwan. We chose Italy because, to this day, they still produce the best warp-and circular-knits available to the performance market. Our close relationships with MITI Spa, SITIP Spa and others ensure that we are always at the forefront of textile innovation.


Because they’re good.

A large proportion of our apparel is produced in China, with support from both the USA and Italy. The reason that we chose our China factory, in the Zheijiang Provence, is because of what we feel are unrivalled skillsets. These are people where the profession of a machinist is well respected, and a legitimate career option. Workers specialise in key components, such as overlocking, flat locking, welding and cutting, with continual learning and development. They are paid above minimum wage and work in conditions that are pristine.


Thermoregulation. Explained.

'Moisture Wicking' is the term used to describe the transport of moisture from the skin, through the fabric, to the environment.

'Durability' relates to the tolerance a fabric has to repeated abrasions.

Cut the BS.

It’s very easy to be deafened by noise in the apparel world. Endless hyperbole, little effort to actually explain to the consumer what all of it means. Maybe the companies are unable to? Maybe it’s too hard? Or maybe it’s just top secret stuff!

Black Sheep prides itself on the fabric we have gone around the world to source, and we love to explain to people what matters and what is irrelevant.

Likewise, we’ve also always been very open about where we manufacture and how we do it. Do we own our own factory? No. Because that's not our speciality. Do we design and develop our own apparel, from fabric sourcing, to pattern development and graphic art? Absolutely.

Love. Sweat. And Tears.

There is no such thing as an overnight success story, and we definitely aren’t one them. The team that create our garments not only ride bikes but have extensive garment design and production experience.

We have degrees in Sports Science, Physiotherapy and Schooled at the London College of Fashion. When we say we do everything in-house it’s not because we can, but that we should.