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The world needs a solution to a problem. Through three editions of the Man Ride, we have helped the way people think about mental health. Altered opinions. Broke borders and barriers. And shunned stereotypes. Now, we want to find a solution. That’s not easy. There is no magic pill. No quick fix. So how, in a world that craves immediate treatment to the most chronic of problems, do we deal with Mental Illness?

1 million men took their lives

430,000 men were diagnosed with anxiety. It's the biggest killer of young men in the country. how so we solve it? with an answer to a question

For the Man Ride 2019 we are focussing on an early-stage intervention. The answer to a question. That question: 'How are you?'. Simple. But complicated. How often have you gone to tell someone how you actually feel, and then retreated at the last minute: ‘I am fine?' What if you actually answered the question? What if the people you loved, who loved you, knew exactly how you felt? Let's find out. I am

This year's Man Ride is about embracing the power of community. We want as many people as possible to share their answer to the question ‘How are you?’ and then join Black Sheep for a Global Man Ride Day bigger than ever before. Twelve cities around the world are already hosting 200km rides. And we want you to suggest yours.


The I AM distortion artwork was created by Black Sheep co-founder and designer John Polson. The blue base is symbolic of the worldwide mental health awareness movement – a colour that displays power and confidence, but also vulnerability.

The graphic is a reference to the power of distortion. Our realities are distorted by influences beyond our recognition. It’s not until we become removed from those pressures, often by simply acknowledging how we are feeling, that we realise how off track our minds truly are. When you are in it, living it, breathing it, you are none the wiser.

The fluorescent yellow flag is for you to define everyday. A reminder to acknowledge how you feel in yourself, and potentially a symbol of activism you can use throughout your community. The I AM flag is a calling for everyone to answer the question. A calling to tell it as it is, help us all to rise above the distortion to see the truth beneath.

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man ride 2019

Blue mountains AUSTRALIA October, 06 2019
Brisbane AUSTRALIA October, 06 2019
Girona SPAIN October, 06 2019
Jakarta INDONESIA October, 06 2019
Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA October, 06 2019
London GREAT BRITAIN October, 06 2019
melbourne AUSTRALIA October, 06 2019
medellin Colombia October, 06 2019
Wellington New Zealand October, 06 2019

Follow our social feeds to see Man Ride action unfold around the world on Sunday.


Man ride 2019


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