Black Sheep was born out of desire to do things differently. To make cycling apparel that reflected who we were as people.

We consider ourselves Purposefully Different. Dedicated to making a difference for men’s mental health, through our ManRide. And encouraging and supporting getting more women into, and ahead in the sport, through our WMN Initiative. Driven by passion and elevated by our amazing, passionate, community. This is the stuff that gets us outta bed (when we're not riding!). Producing cycling apparel is just an added bonus.

Thanks to your support we’ve raised over $200,000
for our Man Ride and WMN Initiatives.

Our Initiatives.

What started as a gruelling ride across Queensland’s harsh outback with a handle of mates united in a cause back in 2016, has grown into a global movement of 150,000 + passionate cyclists. A worldwide support network.Together breaking down barriers. Shunning stereotypes. Breaking down barriers. An annual ride. A platform for sharing each other’s mental health experiences. And into the future we hope, with your help, even more.

The goal of the WMN Initiative is three-fold. Help elite female cyclists realise their goals of a professional cycling career. Increase female participation in cycling through our WMN Ambassador-led rides. And create dedicated female-specific collections and content, produced by women for women. Why? Simple. Because we #lovewomenscycling