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Men's Racing Climbers Jersey - Orange

$180.00 USD

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Welcome to the all new RACING. The most advanced Men's garments in our collection. The Climbers Jersey uses a brand-new fabric that has the lightness and strength of a woven fabric, combined with the openness and comfort of a knit. The result is a jersey that weighs 71g finished (go on, measure your other jerseys), that is beautifully soft (thanks to both the elastane and the weight), and made for, erm, summer.


Front: 84 gsm. Elastane 34% Polyester 66%
Back & Sleeves: 70 gsm. Elastane 22% Polyamide 78%
Milled in Italy with incredible hand feel
Stretch Woven Fabric Technology
Elastic waist hem
Three rear pockets
Set-in sleeve construction
Race Fit

71 grams of pure climbing comfort.

The Climbers Jersey is an ultra-lightweight jersey that is 71 grams, and up to 35% lighter than anything else on the market. Crafted using stretch-woven technology, reducing unneeded yarn usage.

Our goal was to create the lightest jersey on the market.

Not because we are determined to win a non-existent prize, but simply to create the most breathable jersey possible for racing and climbing at the highest level. According to studies done by Nielsen et al (1998) and Zhou et al (2007), as well as numerous other peer-reviewed studies, thickness and subsequently weight of fabrics are responsible for the greatest change in thermal response. In a gross simplification, decrease fabric weight and thickness, and you will increase breathability.

The Research

Breathability is a complex science. And we don't want to bore you so bear with us. The movement of air through a fabric (known as breathability) is dependent on a number of things, most critically, the thickness of the yarn (individual fibres) within the fabric. The thicker the yarn, the heavier it is, the harder it is for air to move through the fabric.

The Challenge

There has always been a slight tradeoff between different types of fabrics when it comes to weight. Knitted fabrics, which use more yarn (meaning they are heavier) can be created in an "open" structure for more air flow. Wovens, on the other hand, use less yarn but generally have a tight structure, meaning decreased air flow. Tradeoffs with very few alternatives. Until now.

Stretch Woven Technology

By adding a higher amount of elastane, and using an innovative technique that rearranges the threads of the weave, we can flip the downsides of woven fabrics. Now, we can create a fabric that is incredibly light (35% lighter with same yarn composition as a similar knit) and a fabric that dries quicker (7 to 13 minutes quicker than similar knitted fabric - Standard G07-166).


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