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LTD Worlds Cap

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We know you probably want to buy every LIMITED WORLDS Kit. But we don't want your bank manager or your other half on our back, so we've produced this special edition WORLDS casquette paying homage to all five storires and five winners we've chosen to unearth. It perfectly complements all kits. How you wear it is up to you. Flip it. Or reverse it. But do yourself a favour and make sure you check out archive pictures of Tommy Simpson for a man who knows how to pull off a casquette.

100% Cotton


From Heerlen to Vaulkenberg; Mercx to Voss; our WORLDS Collection has captured some truly memorable races by some of the world's greatest cyclist. Our WORLDS cap is a momento of these special moments, patterning the race numbers each of these incredible athletes had on their one day in September, all those years ago.

The Pinnacle.

To celebrate the pinnacle race of the year, we are releasing a very special edition of own pinnacle women's collection – WMN. Garments designed and created by women, utilising technology and fabrics that are specific for women. September is when the best come out to play. So we are bringing out our best.


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