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The Lamb Chop p/b Black Sheep Racing Club

A ZWIFT Virtual Handicap for all levels of racing. 6 race series every Thursday. August 15 at 7pm AEST. Register Now

Black Sheep and ZWIFT have teamed up for a 6 week series of handicap racing for all levels. The Lamb Chop is held every Thursday Night from August 15.


What is The Lamb Chop b/p Black Sheep Racing Club

Is a staggered start where the slower groups go first and the faster riders try to catch them before the finish.

We'll be unveiling a new Racing Club kit that's yours to unlock. Plus, the Lamb Chop gets the full treatment with live commentary from Nathan Guerra, Pat Shaw, and Matthew Keenan. Their energy often matches what you see on the tarmac.


"In the chop" is an Aussie expression you won't find in classic rulebooks. But you will hear it spoken and felt in the final kilometers of a race. When ride leaders purposely cooperate to bring everyone towards the finish, "Are we in the chop?" is on many minds. Riders will use every teamwork tactic they have to conserve energy. But once the last lap hits, it’s an all-out war for the win.


All races have four (4) categories; A (Allstars), B (Ballers), C (Chancers), D (Diesels). Each category wears their own Racing Club jersey (A = Fluro Salmon, B = Black, C = White, D = Fluro Teal). Regardless of category, expect an all out effort from the start.



Unlock the Kit 
Complete any of the six races to score the new Racing Club kit by Black Sheep Cycling.

No prizes. But a higher FTP may be your reward for your performance.

Is this a Race? 
Yes. Not of individual glory, but rather one based on the strengths of a well-working group. Anyone from any ability has a shot at winning, and the pace of the race means everyone gets a great workout. Give it a try!

About Racing Club by Black Sheep
Racing Club by Black Sheep is a global community of cyclists. A club. Without clubhouses or old school stereotypes. Whether you're gearing up for your first crit, are a wannabe A-grader, or simply want to ride your bike and meet like-minded people, Racing Club is your Club.



A ZWIFT Virtual Handicap for all levels of racing. 6 race series every Thursday. August 15 at 7pm AEST. Register Now


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